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Drunk n naked

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Today I had the very good fortune to make the acquaintance of your Neighbour, a Mrs. Rodriguez. I was returning from a brief promenade when the dear Lady hailed me in the hall. She asked if I often stayed with you, which I blushingly confirmed.

“That Abbie Mills is a good girl,” she said. “I’m glad you make her Happy. But could you ask her to pipe down a little with her happiness? Especially in the Middle of the night. I need my Rest, you know.”

My Flush increased a hundredfold, and I offered every Apology and assured Mrs. Rodriguez that indeed, we would be mindful of her slumber.

While I regret that we have disturbed our Neighbours, I shall ever cherish the sweet Symphony of your desire.




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Im In love ! 

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Anonymous asked:
That white person bingo is probably the stupidest thing I have ever seen. It's just trying to throw away true things. Okay, he didn't deserve to die, but the family lawyer did say that there was an altercation, meaning he probably attacked the officer, resisted arrest, or something. YOU DON'T DO THAT. I don't give a shit if you're black and I'm tired of everyone making this out to be because of that. A white person was shot near Ferguson and we don't hear anything about that. SHUT THE FUCK UP


"Okay, he didn’t deserve to die, but…"

You ALMOST had it. There is no “but”. He was surrendering and didn’t deserve to be shot 6 times. Period. End of story. 

"he probably attacked the officer, resisted arrest, or something. YOU DON’T DO THAT."

You’re right, you don’t resist arrest. But resisting arrest doesn’t grant a police officer the right to kill you after you surrender. 

Also, here are your white opinion Bingo results:



You need this in your life.

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This is so old y’all resurrecting shit